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Unsolicited Testimonials
Unsolicited Testimonials

Below are excerpts of unsolicited letters from clients of Harry Cohen from around the country and around the world.

“We received Mr. Cohen's analysis today and found it to be very thorough and extremely helpful! Please thank him for us. We feel it was a very well spent
fee.” J.E. Michigan

“Thank you very much for your expertise and for the time you took to review the material. We are grateful for your insight.” M.C. California

“I am making the changes Mr. Cohen recommended. He made me realize how I could shorten the first fourteen pages and still make my point. I am now trying to trim the fat in the dialogue as he showed me.” J.K. Oklahoma

“Thank you. Your analysis was very thorough.” P.I. Australia

“Please thank Mr. Cohen for his expertise and professional input.” S.R. California

“A thoroughly workmanlike job…thank you.” M.J. London

You certainly covered every aspect...Your analysis was very professional ...Thanks again." B.D. Massachusetts